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Live the mountain according your dishes

...Get somme exercise, some fresh air ....Breathe and admire

Activities abound for distracting

You want a sporting holiday or prefer to relax by taking a breath of fresh air: Champagny offers a multitude of activities for young and old and unmissable festive, including something for everyone.
Kids love ...
Climb trees and play Robinson Crusoe in the branches safely ... The adventure course or courses are feeling for them and they made it up!

From easy family excursions to more athletic climbing:

rocks, snow and ice climbing, school climbing, crossing the Vanoise glaciers, weekly programme of hikes, 3 Via ferratas for all levels, nature pa th equipped with explanatory signboards, adventure trail for all the family, sensationa trail, discovery day with the National park guardian
Via Ferrata Champagny :
A Via Ferrata is a sporting route, located on a rock wall, equipped with elements like cables, ladders ... ramps to facilitate progress safely. The Little Ranch, Kids Bike Park, playground, explorer circuit budding (fun and sport background designed for little ones). Development workshops on the theme of animals of our mountains, Glacier Trail, Skate Park, foo via ferrata course are equipped to Champagny "The Big Stone" a renowned course quite difficult with many overhangs and "Plan of Bouc "None normally that it presents difficulties
Climbing :
At the entrance of Champagny, the site "Torchet" is the family-friendly, easy to learn about climbing. That of the "Big Rock" with these 16 channels possible to appreciate the uniqueness of climbing facing the Grande Motte glacier.

Try new sports and new feelings:

Rafting - canyoying - slides and swimming in waterfalls, numerous mountain bikes itineraies, paragliding, quade riding, tennis, araphao, horse riding, Skate Park

Take the time out to think about yourself .... Zen attitude:

Fishing, Painting alone or classes and workshops, visit the expositions, Olympics games, fishing, Glacier museum, Wellbeing activities also all suggestions for a discovery day in Savoy or Italy.