Typical baroque chruch
Concert classical
Village fair
Cheese Beaufort

On the traces of the past and our roots


Hundred little angels invite you to their classified Baroque church St Sigismond,which has been rebuilt three times on a promontory. Over the streets and alleys, discover the authenticity of Champagny, its secrets and its history. During your walks, small chapels and oratories will tell you the mountain memory, its secrets and history ... what it is the authenticity of Champagny en Vanoise

Report on the Champagny Valley High

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Book of Geneviève "Frères des cîmes": Cent paroles, Mille secrets
To learn more about our town and its roots
The whole history of our mountain village became a touristic resort (Subtitle in English)
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heritage village
The village keeps preciously its traditions left by the village elder. The famous village fair redraw faithfully scenes of life in the Alps. Become soaked with the agricultural life in the high mountain pastures at the foot of the glaciers and taste a slice of Beaufort, a local cheese with a registered designation of origin.


Museum Glacialis: a centre for learning and discovery about mountain glaciers. Find out the secrets of these giants and continue your exploration along the " glaciological pathway".
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During all the summer: Festival of an open-air live jazz concerts.
Classical music concerts in the classified church- Exhibition of mountain paintings- Screenings by Vanoise National Park, free shows for children